New LocalBusiness types

Date of update: unknown, but before January 23rd.

The LocalBusiness schema has gotten more specific subtypes, some of which themselves have more specific subtypes too, making the total quite a long list. A few of the more specific types have their own attributes, but mostly they share their attributes with the LocalBusiness Schema.

It’s funny to see PostOffice as a subtype of GovernmentOffice by the way, reminds me of good old times and shows how US centric this whole thing is.

The full list is currently as follows:


5 thoughts on “New LocalBusiness types

  1. Isn’t it amazing that digital marketing now makes up a big chunk of businesses, employers and employees, yet there is no Schema for these types of businesses.

    Great list though. Such a pity that 95% of the owners of these types of businesses have no clue of the benefits that could be derived from correct markup.

  2. All You Can Eat Link Buffet: Jan 19th - Feb 1st

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